About RU

‘Rotterdam is one of the world’s youngest, most dynamic and diverse cities; one that encourages and inspires all who experience it. People from all over the world have chosen Rotterdam as their home. We are proud to have the world reflected in our city’ (A. Aboutaleb- Mayor of Rotterdam).

And so are we! So, one time a year, at the end of July, Rotterdam Unlimited celebrates the cultural diversity of this contemporary metropolis, of all contemporary metropolises, in an epic way. 5 days of performing arts, musical presentations, high end artists, dance, storytelling and of course the legendary Summer Carnival parade. More than 8 locations, 176 different cultures and more than 900.000 visitors. All year long, Rotterdam Unlimited focuses on the latest trends, cultural encounters, talent development and artistic exchanges, what will all come to a massive climax on the last weekend of July.


Rotterdam Unlimited is a product of the Dunya Foundation and brings metropolitan arts and contemporary culture into perspective. The festival presents works of art that grow and thrive in the melting pot of large cities all over the world. Rotterdam Unlimited presents how cultural influences and interactions is a continuous source of innovation and brings this into perspective with exciting examples of artistic exchanges. Additionally, Rotterdam Unlimited presents the powerful art traditions and rich heritage of all those cultural communities in the Netherlands and the world. Rotterdam Unlimited is the ultimate platform for all these different cultural manifestations and plays an active role in bringing artists, organizations and audiences together.


Rotterdam Unlimited considers the cultural diversity in society as a fact, as well as a source of inspiration for exciting new developments in all performing arts. The programming of Rotterdam Unlimited is compiled in such a way that location and performance either reinforce each other or, on the contrary, raise contradictions which lead to an unexpected, unique experience. The festival encourages the exploration of the interfaces between music, dance, and poetry. In addition to well-known and accessible program components, Rotterdam Unlimited also selects projects that convey societal relevance or even urgency. The Rotterdam Unlimited program profile can be described as: ‘excellent quality combined with accessibility.’ There for, most of the performances are freely accessible.

Social sustainability

Everyone increasingly recognizes the importance of a socially sustainable society. A society where in cohesion is the center of everything; with great resilience and being able to cope with the rapid global changes. A united society that is capable of enabling the essential step to circular thinking and actions. And a society in which diversity is considered to be a foundation for common dualistic thinking to bring about changes. Only then, we will be able to make the future a better place and to realize sustainability.

There is a need for building shared standards, values, and cultural perception. A necessity to build on a new era, where in global unity is the only option. Events can actually make significant contributions. Rotterdam Unlimited aims to promote greater knowledge and understanding about the ‘urban’ (sub) genres to wider audiences throughout Europe and to foster greater opportunities for emerging talents to perform.