Cultural Diversity

Rotterdam Unlimited stands for the celebration of cultural diversity. The program offers performing arts from strong cultural traditions and evolved through mutual cultural influence. These new artistic products represent the latest artistic developments in metropoles. These developments constitute the framework of Rotterdam Unlimited.


Leading artists from various cultures show how they are influenced by their immediate environment and thereby adopt new styles inspired by different cultures around them. For creators a necessary stage for spectators a reason to revise their vision on cultural diversity.



The street parade is one of the highlights of Rotterdam Unlimited. On Saturday the Summer Carnival street parade moves along hundreds of thousands of spectators through the streets of Rotterdam.The Street Parade is still very popular, has its own culture and attracts more visitors every year. The participating groups represent a wide diversity of cultures whose main cultures: Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Cape Verde, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, St. Domingo, Netherlands, Suriname, Saba, St. Eustatius, North -West Africa, Spain and Portugal.



Another exclusive in the Street Parade is the presentation of a collaboration with UK partner Brouhaha Festival in Liverpool which translates cultural traditions and arts exchanged leading to joint ventures in Rotterdam, Liverpool and Edinburgh. 



Rotterdam Unlimited lasts five days with 79 performances, a parade, the Battle of Drums, parties, dance, film and spoken word, which introduces a mix of creators alongside established artists. The balance between tougher and more accessible material adorns Rotterdam Unlimited. All program elements are characteristic of current artistic developments in super-diverse metropolises during reconstruction.