Rotterdam Unlimited

the biggest street festival in europe

Summer Carnival

26 - 27 July 2019


    the biggest street festival in europe

    Rotterdam Unlimited is one of the biggest free street festivals in the hottest city of Europe, Rotterdam! The eclectic music scene, the famous creative arts community and 178 different cultures are the secret ingredients of Rotterdam’s incredibly vibrant and exciting atmosphere, clearly felt during your visit to Rotterdam Unlimited. Witness Rotterdam Unlimited and you are guaranteed a trip to remember. Aside from the photo opportunities, you can tap into 178 different cultures, make friends, and indulge in some serious partying.

    Rotterdam Unlimited comprises of battles, parades, live music, dance and so much more. Exuberant live electronics, soca, hiphop, soul, R&B, drum-‘n bass and jungle: new music for a new generation of music fans. Whatever flavor of music you’re into you’ll find more than you can ask for on Rotterdam Unlimited.

    Besides the stage programs, one can enjoy the battle of drums,  a huge market with food from all over the world and of course the spectacular street parade, which will overwhelm the streets of Rotterdam by a wave of color, music and an incredible boost of energy.

    ‘This festival makes the famous port city to the hotspot of the Netherlands.’ De Telegraaf

    ROTTERDAM UNLIMITED. That's US. We. Together.