The Netherlands' best female rap artist and the only Diva in the hip-hop world is of course Latifah. The Amsterdam born woman with her heart on her sleeve and not afraid to speak out. Besides her musical career, Latifah is also an entrepreneur with her own hair salon, she guides her own talents and she is a dedicated mother for her daughter. Latifah didn’t have an easy childhood, she also discussed this in an candid interview with Umberto Tan at the end of 2018. This made her stronger and made her the woman she is.

Latifah is cool, Latifah is Sexy, Latifah is Sweet, Latifah brings emotion, Latifah is a Diva, Latifah has hits but Latifah is primarily the woman of this moment and with her talent the woman who will be the leading Diva in the coming years in the Dutch urban / pop scene.

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