Niffo's is a group of 4 nephews of 11 and 12 years old. Jarone (11), Kivano (11), Naino (11) and Vitu (12). When the boys started rapping 2 years ago, they were 9 and 10 years old.

Four young artists who together make up the new sensation Niffos from Rotterdam.  Niffos, which is street language for cousins, are four boys ​​who enjoy football, dancing, singing and recently rap!

In the period of just one year, the boys managed to win over a large audience. They have generated more than a million YouTube views, they are ambassadors for the Asporaats Anti Pest Campaign “Gaatut”, they have performed on Ziggo live television in the First program, they were on the front page of the Krant Jong010, in S tour magazines and G oal and they have given various live performances throughout the country.

In the second year the boys went one step further, they scored hit after hit such as (Informer, Chillen and Doe die Dansi), their popularity also grew abroad such as Belgium, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. They have done various performances at festivals, have performed at Kwaku festival, miss elections, fashion show, children's events performance in Spain and recently Grinta festival in Belgium. In addition, the boys had their first concert of their own, where they gave their own show for 600 people. As a result, they were shown on TV Rijnmond and a special was made about them at NOS Jeugdjournaal so that the boys could be seen on TV throughout the country. They have also appeared on Ketnet in Belgium, where they express their support for the anti-bullying campaign STIP-IT.

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