The New Power Generation

The New Power Generation - Saturday, July 27

The smashing closing act of Hofplein stage on July 27 will be none other than The Power Generation! The band members who accompanied Prince between 1990 and 2013, decided after the death of the iconic singer in 2016 to put the legendary band back together and tour the world as a tribute to their former leader. Together with Prince they recorded several classical albums, with the most famous of course "Diamonds and Pearls" and "Love Symbol".

They bring a good portion of R&B, soul and funk to Rotterdam, in which many hits are reviewed. Expect a spectacular show that honors the mastery of His Royal Badness and puts its absolute originality in a well-deserved spotlight. An absolute must for fans of this musical genius!

The New Power Generation line-up for July 2019:
​• Lead Vocal: MacKenzie Green
• Keys / BG Vocal / MD: Morris Hayes a.k.a. “Mr. Hayes”
• Bass: Sonny Thompson a.k.a. “Sonny T.”
• Guitar and Rap Vocal: Tony Mosley a.k.a. “Tony M.”
• Percussion / Dance / BG Vocal: Damon Dickson a.k.a. “Damon D.”
• Lead Guitar: Homer O’Dell (from the Minneapolis based Grammy Award winning band “Mint Condition”)
• Drums: Les Cleveland (protégé of NPG drummer John Blackwell (RIP) who also works with Larry Graham)

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