Orkesta Mendoza


Orkesta Mendoza - Friday, July 26

Arizona’s Orkesta Mendoza brings "indie mambo" to Rotterdam: a mix of Latin styles salted with a generous handful of cumbia, merengue and ranchera. Warm and harmonious sounds, like infinitely balmy summer evening, interspersed with an uncomfortable and robust sound. But always with enough recognizable, catchy melodies that will stay with you for a long time.

Sergio Mendoza is the versatile talent behind Orkesta Mendoza. The multi-instrumentalist from Tuscon, Arizona has been a valued member of Latin rockers Calexico all over the world and now forms the musical mastermind behind his own 50s sound big band. A show for fans of Calexico, Devotchka, Giant Sand, Perez Prado and Quentin Tarentino; for those who like to demolish walls. Expect a danceable spectacle with daring electronics and unexpected rhythms!

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