Samba Résille

Samba Résille, created in 1992 in Toulouse (France), works with a specific artistic field, Samba music, as a tool to mix different audiences and territories via artistic practices. With 25 years of history, with many actions, from a local level with a well-identified rooted in the neighbourhood called " Centre d’Initiatives Culturelles et Citoyennes " (CICC - Center for Cultural and Citizen Initiatives), to an European level.
Samba Résille's actions include : Samba concerts and workshops for everyone, especially disadvantaged people, Organising concerts and exhibitions in CICC, Project support and resource sharing, Teaching Brazilian music, 
Vocational training in animation and mediation techniques through the use of artistic tools and media, Organising major events, particularly the Carnaval de Toulouse.
Samba Résille participates in several projects and exchange programs at the European and international level, and wish today to expand its collaborative perspectives to other European structures whose approach and experience facilitate the mutualisation of good practices. 
Samba Résille is a structure which is a " School of Life " where the learning experiences are assessed together, from each other, and where members are motivated to get involved, thrive, create and realise together.

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