Rotterdam Unlimited, launched in 2013, has a long history. The first steps were taken in 1977 when the first poems were recited near the Tollens (a dutch poet) statue in the Park at the Euromast. This resulted in Poetry Park. An event that soon gained a national position in the field of non-Western performing arts. A merger between the two similar events Poetry Park and Festival aan de Maas (a festival of the Wereld Museum) led to the birth of the well-known Dunya Festival in 1995. Meanwhile, the Summer Carnival, established in 1983, also acquired a national position. Dunya Festival and Summer Carnival, both long-standing festivals had evolved and developed and were in need of renewal. This led in 2013 to the creation of Rotterdam Unlimited. Rotterdam Unlimited is the largest street festival in the Netherlands with European potential in which the current developments of the contemporary metropolitan culture are presented