What to expect

In the world of Rotterdam Unlimited

Stage program

Rotterdam Unlimited presents spectacular acts and artists on the free accessible outdoor stages. Rotterdam has it all! More than 60 acts and top artists from all over the world and young talent of tomorrow will be performing at Rotterdam Unlimited. 

Summer Carnival

The Summer Carnival street parade will be back on july 28th, and it's going to be huge as always! The city of Rotterdam will be overwhelmed by a wave of colors, joy and an incredible boost of energy. More than 30 floats, 2,500 dancers, a parade over 5km length, the most beautiful costumes and more! Also the Battle of Drums with the most spectacular percussion acts will be present. Summer Carnival turns the streets of Rotterdam into one massive street party and everyone is invited! Click here for more info about the Summer Carnival.

Special projects

Just like the great metropoles such as New York, Los Angeles and London, Rotterdam is also a city of many cultures. Rotterdam has more than 174 different nationalities and cultures that all have a strong tradition in the field of art and culture. Surinamese, Antilleans, Chinese, Turks, Moroccans. Just a few of the many cultures that are located in Rotterdam. These cultural traditions will be presented during Rotterdam Unlimited. 

Festival Market

The Mercado is the kitchen of Rotterdam Unlimited and here are many different cultures to be found. From Surinam, Hindi, Chinese to Antillean and fast food to delicious healthy meals. The Mercado will take place on Friday July 27 and Saturday July 28 on the Coolsingel in the center of Rotterdam. Are you interested in your own market stall?

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