What to expect

In the world of Rotterdam Unlimited

Rotterdam Unlimited is the largest, most exuberant and multicolored street festival in Europe where all cultures come together. The event annually attracts huge numbers of visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. he center of Rotterdam is enveloped in exotic atmospheres, where you can enjoy freely accessible concerts, dance demos, parades, parties, battles and much more with cultural diversity as a natural and festive theme!

Just like many large metropolises, Rotterdam too is a city of many cultures. Rotterdam has more than 200 different cultures and nationalities that all have a strong tradition in the field of art and culture. By connecting all these cultural vibes frenzied new styles of music, dance, rap / spoken and street art and more will develop.

Rotterdam Unlimited takes place for 5 days, each year at the end of the summer month of July. Rotterdam Unlimited, RU in short, consists of several programs: in- and outdoor live concerts, Battle of Drums, the iconic Summer Carnival Street Parade, Rueda de Casino, various pre- and after parties and the festival market (Mercado).

But RU is around throughout the year: together with the venues Annabel and Grounds, RU organizes various concerts and lectures throughout the year.

Stage program

Free accessible open air live concerts make the center of Rotterdam one big open air dance floor. Artists from the Netherlands and abroad will turn the city center upside down on July 26 and 27 2019. Top artists will perform side by side with local and national upcoming talents.

Summer Carnival

The iconic summer carnival is part of Rotterdam Unlimited. With on Friday, July 26, the Battle of Drums: three talented Caribbean brass bands will enter into the musical battle and will play for the title of Best Brass Band and eternal fame. On Saturday, July 27, the world famous Street Parade will start from 1:00 PM and then move through the city center for 6 hours. Over a route of more than 5 km, Rotterdam will be flooded by 30 floats, more than 2,500 dancers in a long wave of color, joy and energy. Every year the street parade shows that it is possible to have the whole city center dancing. EVERYBODY IS INVITED !! Click here for more info about the Summer Carnival.

Festival Market

The Mercado is the world cuisine of Rotterdam Unlimited and here you can also find bits and bites of many different cultures, from Surinamese, Hindu, Chinese to Antilian and from fast food to delicious healthy meals. The Mercado can be found on Friday 26 July and Saturday 27 July at the Weena and Schouwburgplein. Are you interested in renting a market stall? Click here for more information.


The festivalgrounds where Rotterdam Unlimited takes place is already an attraction: it is in the critically acclaimed city center of the 'hottest' city of the moment. With jawdropping architectural structures, oozing culture from all pores and its vibrant nightlife.