DIVERGE Exhibition in TENT Rotterdam


Friday 20 July 19.00-21.00 - Opening
The opening of the exhibition will feature artists Manuel Ricardo Garcia, Naomi Veldwijk, Nazrina Rodjan, Leilani Trowell, Keith King, and Rae Parnell in an open dialogue with the public
about the importance of spaces such as DIVERGE. The opening is also the official opening of Rotterdam Unlimited and the DIVERGE program as a whole. So please come and join us!

The exhibition was made possible by TENT Rotterdam and funded by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds & VSB Fonds.


Featured artists are:

Naomi Veldwijk is a personal, motivating, sometimes shocking, teaching, but always honest writing performer. She likes to talk about subjects that people don't want to talk about. Her unrestrained attitude has brought her to places such as IFFR Black Rebels, 3FM and FunX. Her poems are moving you to think and talk about it, because Naomi thinks "To heal the world, we first have to heal ourselves." (Michael Jackson) Next to writing and performing herself, she gives workshops in creative writing. She thinks it's important that people learn multiple ways how to express themselves. She has noticed that
having a way to express yourself leads to more self confidence and that could lead to finding it easier to talk about taboo subjects. Naomi will exhibit spoken word text.


Nazrina Rodjan is an illustrator and animator in Rotterdam. She uses her work to tell stories that are often overlooked or ones she missed while growing up. Nazrina is currently creating stories and images that are relatable to children in the Netherlands, especially queer children of color. She also works to show histories from alternative perspectives using animation and interaction design. Nazrina will debut her comic book focused on queer people of color.


Leilani Trowell was raised in a strict household in the USA with dreams of becoming a popstar. Now residing wildly in the low-lying lands, she improvises with layered cassette loops, samples, synthesizers and a sweet, sinister voice to cast a spellbinding soundscape. Modalities of healing, perversion, power dynamics and personal intuition are the current themes in her work.
Leilani Trowell in collaboration with Olga Tokarczyk will show And This is the Fruit of It , a film exploring the visual cues of race and racial coding.

Manuel Ricardo Garcia is a queer FTM of color, Trans*activist, Photographer, Architect & co-organizer of the Munich based group “Beyond Color.” Born in Munich with family in Chihuahua, Mexico, Manuel has organized a number events including the Munich Trans*- and Inter*convention. He is an award winning photographer and has published the photobook
TransMen of the World. Manuel Ricardo Garcia will exhibit his photography focused specifically on trans people of color.

Keith King is a Black gender non-conforming political activist, visual and performance artist based in Munich, Germany. Through poetry, live performance, and mixed-media, they seek to amplify the visibility of the African/migrant/refugee queer and trans communities. They have been invited to share their work at venues across Europe, such as the Bayerischen Landtag, in
Munich, Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, and the Norwegian Council for Africa in Oslo. They are currently in production of "I Am Other," a research documentary and archival project on queerness in Sub Saharan Africa

Keith King will exhibit work from their research documentary and archival project I Am Other, which seeks to create a record for posterity, preserve and document queer, trans and gender nonconforming persons of Sub Saharan African descent.


Rae Parnell (aka RaeZor Beam) is a Black trans researcher, writer, and educator based in the Hague, NL. They do healing work and community building through workshop facilitation and use the process of zine-making to archive queer and trans communities of color. Rae Parnell/Raezor Beam will showcase a zine discussing the themes of the DIVERGE, and highlight artists who diverge.

Mariam El Maslouhi is a Dutch-Moroccan or Moroccan-Dutch person that does not matter much to her. Almost a college dropout, but no matter how cool it sounds, she decided to finish her studies anyway. She is now a Applied Psychologist working as a recovery counselor in psychiatry. She has found her voice through social media. Documents she wrote about Morocco can be found in English and occasionally she dares to write in Dutch. Mariam has a passion for having an opinion, children, protest movements and music. You can wake her up for raï music from the 80s. Mariam El Maslouhi will be teaching a workshop about political podcasting as a representative of her podcast Dipsaus .


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