DIVERGE The Workshops


Audience members will be able to go in depth to what it means to diverge with the DIVERGE workshop series. This series will not only circulate skills to audience members, but will cultivate in depth conversations around representation, justice, and art production.

To register for the workshops please send an email to: workshops@divergefestival.com and put in the headline which workshop you want to attend.


Workshop schedule:

Monday 23 July 18.00 - 20.00 - Photography and zine making workshop with Manuel Ricardo Garcia and Rae Parnell

Photography and zine making are both ways to document communities who live outside of the mainstream. In this workshop, we will explore the ethics of photography and the intimacy of taking portraits. We will then look into how communities have utilized zines to share knowledge amongst each other. Participants will combine the two practices and create collaborative photo-based zines focused on the themes of the DIVERGE exhibition.

Tuesday 24 July 18.00-20.00 - Spoken word workshop with Naomi Veldwijk

In this workshop we’re going to play with different ways to rhyme, the use of synonyms and metaphors. I will give you a few assignments/tools that will make it easier for you to write down your own story in poetry.

Wednesday 25 July 18.00- 20.00 - Podcasting workshop with Mariam El Maslouhi of the podcast Dipsaus

Learn about political podcasting with one of the founders of the podcast Dipsaus ! In this workshop we will learn the ins and outs of podcast making, the history of Dipsaus , and a little bit about audio editing. And we’ll be able to work together to create small audio samples to share with the group!

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